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Eyelash Extensions

If you will be attending a special event or just want fuller lashes, contact Halo Salon today or call us to schedule an appointment for our lash extensions. Eyelash extensions are used to add fullness and length to someone’s natural eyelashes. Many women have false eyelashes done for events, but other women wear them regularly to make their eyes stand out a little more.
Eyelash Extenstions
Eyelash extensions can be done for temporary use and can be worn for up to four weeks. To those clients who choose to continue wearing them, Halo Salon also provides semi permanent lashes, which will naturally fall out as your real lashes grow out. They come in many styles, ranging from natural looking eyelashes to ones paired with eyelash tinting and jewels. With your eyes in our hands, you can trust that we will beautifully frame one of the first things people focus on and will help you make a great impression every time.

Contact our beauty salon in Helena, MT today to learn more about our eyelash extensions.